On December 10 announcement of congress of invite applications for a job
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Now on December 10 (on Saturday) hold " invite applications for a job of talent labour force is met " , specific item is as follows:
One, time place and charge
1, time: On December 10, 2005 (on Saturday) 8: 30, 14: 00.
2, place: Fine promote city Hong Xingxi district center of administration of area of 1501 show continent can exhibit the hall.
3, charge: Every stall 200 yuan. (Sign up before December 8 enjoy 50% discount privilege, senior member is enjoyed again by membership card 8 lose privilege)
2, requirement
1, the unit that joins invite applications for a job to meet, please demand of invite applications for a job (the phone of unit name, contact, connection, station that wants invite applications for a job, number) reach invite applications for a job was met on December 10 model of written characters, build unit official seal to send or fax (fax phone: 2720366) communicate a service center to talent of show continent area (center of administration of show continent area 3 buildings) deal with formalities signing up. (double cease day is not accepted sign up)
2, general rules of invite applications for a job is made by each unit proper motion, norms is 110cm × 80cm.
3, can go up to provide 2 lunch and boiled water freely.
Cordial welcome expensive unit attends!
Connect a telephone call: 0573, 2720438 faxes: 2720366