Yinchuan the 3rd sale, trade, hotel, serve invite applications for a job of kind
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For contented and broad enterprise or business the unit is right the sale, trade, hotel, demand that serves kind of talented person, accelerate Yinchuan city " two optimum cities " the pace of construction, stimulative Yinchuan economy crosses the development that jump type, in developing talent market adequately to be configured in the talent advocate channel action. Yinchuan talent market onOn March 29, 2008In Yinchuan talent market new China cent market holds Yinchuan the 3rd sale, trade, hotel, service kind invite applications for a job of talent special performance is met. Welcome unit of broad choose and employ persons and personnel of to apply for a job to attend at the appointed time.

One, join meeting unit:

This second congress invites sincerely country of area inside and outside to have large and medium-sized place of courtyard of company of enterprise, new and high technology, foreign investment company, civilian battalion enterprise, scientific research enterprise or business unit, with sale, trade, hotel, service kind the enterprise is given priority to.

2, join meeting staff:

1, school of of all kinds old technical secondary school and high post graduate mix area inside and outside graduate student;

2, duty is tall, medium school of duty, ability is unripe;

3, cadre of military be transferred to civilian work, answer withdraw a soldier.

3, time:

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