Limited company of science and technology of electron of Ningxia Hua Peng
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Company brief introduction
Limited company of science and technology of Hua Peng electron established Ningxia in November 1993, it is my area the IT enterprise that waits for product sale and after service to be an organic whole with smartphone of computer, number, business affairs. Removed excellent advanced position to offer goods passageway and the sale network that perfect downstream through developing a company hard to already was built now, scope of business enclothes whole area and circumjacent county town.
Come to a company ten years hold to “ to be with the person this, development innovation, be practical and realistic, the management tenet of unitive enterprising ” , promote level of management ceaselessly internally, external image of ceaseless aggrandizement brand, acting on “ client is the service concept of ” of god of friend and rather than, meaning of assiduous enterprising, acute is innovated, good society public praise and industry image were established in Ningxia IT industry.

Basic message
Business charter:
What belong to an industry: Electronic technology
Be in an area: Ningxia area - Yinchuan city - promote celebrate an area
Company property: Civilian battalion enterprise
Establish date: 1993-11-12
Register fund: 500 thousand RMB
Employee number: 50-200 person

Position of invite applications for a job: Channel manager (2 people)
Deadline of invite applications for a job: 2008-9-27- - 2008-10-15
Category of invite applications for a job: Branch of full-time invite applications for a job: The branch is not restricted
Working area: City of Ningxia area Yinchuan is promoted celebrate an area
Pay pay: 1600 yuan / month

Position description
Professional requirement: The computer kind
Requirement of record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning makes experience ask with go to work: 5 years of above
Sexual requirement: Do not be restricted age requirement: 25 ~ 30

Specific requirement
Have computer, number kind experience of work of product channel sale, market development, business extends capacity strong.