The 5th building of lustre town of Shandong group He limited company
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Company brief introduction
The 5th building of lustre town of Shandong group He limited company is to have construction of national housing project to always contract the construction company of fancy aptitude, since holding water 1964, expand ceaselessly, have management ministry, professional branch, joint ventures and investment company to wait tens of subordinate unit, worker more than 1200, personnel of technology of industry of its technical secondary school more than 800; Own capital total 500 million yuan of above, company net assets 160 million yuan of above.

Company rigorous management, pay attention to credit of science and technology of quality, development, be particular about, calendar year will for many times be judged to be countrywide construction company contest of project of real issue of key of city of advanced industry of city of advanced unit, He lustre, He lustre is outstanding “ of enterprise of satisfaction of user of unit of culture of city of company, He lustre, whole nation, whole nation defends ” of contract, heavy credence 3 A enterprise, be mixed by commend of bulletin of the State Council commend. Received in glory countrywide “ 2004 certificate of merit of 51 ” labor.

Company construction is excelsior, project quality is good, 6 projects have the honor to win award of " of Lu Ban of construction project " (among them 4 win a state silver medal of high grade project) ; Successive seventeen years in all the construction project quality that 33 projects acquire Shandong province to establish is top award of " of Bai Yulan of award —- " ; Obtain city, ministry award of of all kinds project adds up to amount to more than 70.

The company notes reopen to send new technology of new technology, development. Long-term since, formed a series of distinctive technology such as company freeboard layer, deep foundation and advanced adornment, municipal project labor law. Hair palpability has international the whole of freeboard layer building of advanced level rises fall system of technology of construction of crural hand whole set, obtain Shandong to save first prize of achievement of great science and technology and country to invent second-class award, it is the building construction company that the whole nation acquires a country exclusively to invent award.
Company economy actual strength is abundant, in order to start a brand, for owner the service is aim, use modern method, strengthen business management, year construction total production value 2.5 billion yuan of above, long-term since company comprehensive strength builds the be among the best of candidates in the enterprise in the whole nation.
Need urgent action because of the project now:

Basic message
Business charter:
What belong to an industry: Estate / building / adornment
Be in an area: Shandong is saved - He lustre city - peony area
Company property: State-owned company
Establish date:
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