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What should college graduate learn more to Xu San?
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According to the report, teleplay " soldier assault " medium hero Xu San suffers the public to favor quite of late more, unit of a few choose and employ persons expresses to hope to be able to enrol the undergraduate that makes more than 3 type in succession. Why does a fictitious character suffer so chase after hold in both hands? The author thinks, xu San is had on many body a lot of more current a few commendable character that the person is deficient in generally, be worth graduate study to just be on social university especially.

Look in a few people, xu San is much enougher " foolish " , abdomen confuses thick line did 333 times like risk one's life needlessly actually, he says, "You now dawdle, will come carefully the day mixed you " ; Xu San is much " stupid " , veteran not dry, he is being grabbed contend for move doing; Xu San is much " lack heart " , he says, "Those who remember a person is good, always pass by force those who remember a person is bad " . But, it is recumbent this share is foolish strong, rural child Xu San grows gradually from a common soldier more for pioneer.

A few universities that just are on working station are graduate often very puzzle, why is what oneself do always a few trifling and common petty thing? Why do the difficulty that oneself face and trouble always compare others much? Why do oneself and the person all round often have attrition? Face these why, dismay of depression of some graduation business records, mood, produce retreat meaning; And some graduate resemble making three appearance firm and indomitable, sureness agrees to need a person drily, sincerely, because the graduate of same starting point faces a setback when as different, the success that gains finally also with respect to widely different. The author thinks, these care about Xu San on many body annals, be able to bear or endure the character of the respect such as bilk bilk is many graduate place are defective, also be the place that college graduate should learn.

Author hope, make this more than 3 fictitious characters can remind the undergraduate that be about to graduate or just graduates, it may not be a bad idea of to apply for a job, the job, want to return to a few primary things, alleged " conscientiously is an upright person, sureness works. " we spent many idea before, want church graduate a few skill, human like interview relations learn to wait for skill of to apply for a job, feel such to be able to get a good job. And actually, the competition ability on a graduate on-the-job field will whether have accomplishment of genuine ability and learning, morality oneself how, the volitional character when facing difficulty how. If do not search difference from these respects, strengthen self-discipline, do the thing of a few gaudy however, practical effect is bad.

In addition, a few graduate blame at present labour feel embarrassed searchs, do not wish " condescend " have job even not, make more than 3 bodies go up the sort of " be full of a hope to future, to holding well today " spirit has real sense more, if this Xu San's much heart was put in every graduate heart, he Chou is not entered give a world! (Hunan person)
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