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Professional personage: Undergraduate to apply for a job is blind professional p
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In March beginning, job of college graduate obtain employment spread out in the round 2008, the of all kinds invite applications for a job that countrywide each district holds for college graduate is met like a raging fire. However, a lot of graduate attend invite applications for a job to be able to do not have results tardy everywhere. Concerned personage points out, college graduate lacks professional program generally, behavior of to apply for a job is blind, make professional program extremely urgent.

Graduate of average this year college will amount to 5.59 million person, add 640 thousand person than 2007, however, the town this year adds our country newly obtain employment post did not grow apparently, situation of graduate obtain employment is grim.

Face of all kinds invite applications for a job to meet, a lot of graduate have bewilderment, look seem station a lot of, why does neither one suit me? Li Aijun tells this year's graduates of Heibei university the reporter, invite applications for a job of his field field can go, but often be to connect resume to also be not cast give a few. Without giving thought to,the Zhang Wenbo of institute of technology of profession of Heibei building materials is however professional whether speak or sing alternately and " the sea is cast " , with period can have a gleam of hope, practical effect also not beautiful.

The graduate that applies for a job so like Li Aijun, Zhang Wenbo is absent a few. The analysis of Yang Xueling manager of branch of Haidian of Beijing talent market says, college graduate applies for a job general and blind, lack understanding to the actor inferior position of this major not only, and lack understanding to what applying for enterprise and post, this is to cause them infructuous without obtained the mainest reason. Yang Xueling points out, college graduate wants to make a program early to his obtain employment direction, be about to know the news with professional and relevant enterprise more between last term, understand the demand situation of obtain employment market through much channel, the demand situation of the knowledge of the person that correspondence of unit of invite applications for a job is hired, skill, so that perfect the knowledge of oneself and ability system at any time, limit of program wanting a limit learns, plan to learn again again, get used to the demand of the market.

As we have learned, be like,a lot of colleges were opened now " professional career plans " a kind course, but many students think although this kind of course makes he realizes the value that the profession plans, but curricular content still slants academic, data and case also slant dated, practical effect not beautiful. Yang Xueling points out, professional program is the course with very strong sex of a real operation, from realise establish long-term program, experience the process of integration of theory with practice ceaselessly only, the profession of lifetime of ability work up develops a target.
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