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The member that how does graduate get used to official business as soon as possi
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Hello! I grind 2, written examination of national official exam had been passed. Very excited, very afraid also. Because there is governmental background without anybody in the home, elder sister of division of senior fellow apprentice people take an examination of on of officeholder not much also, feel I meet the office that took mystery twice one bring shame on, so I want to know particularly, what can officeholder do commonly? As a this year's graduates, if I by employ, how should do ability to get used to the job of mechanism as soon as possible, what preparation should make now?

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Wang Li's classmate:

Hello! How had made the successful transition from person of industry of student take office, it is the issue that each undergraduates that just set foot on a society need to face. Be aimed at your particular case, we invited the Li Yinliang that after Beijing University Master graduated in July 2007, works in general office of Guizhou provincial Party committee designedly, ask him to talk about him feeling to problem of officeholder success transition with respect to college graduate, may edify somewhat to you.

I myself work formally in officeholder system have large half an year, as new personality, experience quite much.

Before talking about this problem, a premise wants to be clear about, the officeholder that whether had you decided to you want to do a qualification be? Because the progress of a lot of things is existing,I talk about this problem is causal. If you did not want to be clear about, after entering a part, discover duty factor is drabber, trifling again (actually a lot of new personality can have this feeling) , working enthusiasm nature is tall do not rise, also cannot make very good success. This may be brought about directly " other people is not high to your evaluation " with " your job enthusiasm more not tall " the vicious circle between. So, I suggest to be in before making a choice, should want carefully to be clear that life plans, understand atmosphere of relevant working status, work to wait a series of pertinent questions a moment to the friend of officeholder system at the same time, accomplish know fairly well. With respect to my individual character, post of student union chairman is held the position of all the time in the school before, often contact with the friend that works in officeholder system, notice to understand the working situation related a few branches quite, not when the processing that be considerate imagines a few conditions is waited a moment. There had been relatively sufficient psychology preparation before entering this industry so, entered state quickly, also like the job that oneself pursue, the development that is oneself won time, also enhanced initiative and self-confident heart.
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