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Special performance invite applications for a job is bestowed favor on newly int
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When be worth 2008 colleges graduate to apply for a job, sichuan university plans to cancel large henceforth double choose the word of the meeting rapid spread, caused people large to the college double those who choose meeting destiny guess. After the reporter is investigated, discover, large double a kind of way that although return,choosing can be undergraduate to apply for a job, but limelight can have been being pressed by special performance invite applications for a job gradually.

The school worries about safe problem

Xiaozhang is the student of Sichuan university, on November 23, 2007, she goes up in the balcony of the dormitory, saw this school is large double choose the assembly room huge crowd of people of the meeting. The news that the organizer announces says, this double anthology can share unit of person of 550 more than family expenses to attend, join the graduate of school inside and outside of the meeting to be close to 80 thousand person-time.

The following day, " Chengdu evening paper " report, sichuan college plan cancelled 2008 large double anthology meeting. This reports quote this school the word of a relevant controller: School plan cancels next year large double anthology meeting, acting meet with invite applications for a job of all sorts of diminutive special performance.

Xiaozhang feels feel puzzled: "So lively double choose can you want how suddenly to cancel? "So lively double choose can you want how suddenly to cancel??

The reason in the report is, the school worries about safe problem, because hold so large-scale double choose meeting, the safe pressure of the school is quite great.

This reports the attention that aroused a lot of people, many websites are reprinted in succession. Large double anthology can bear the weight of too much memory, in the impression of a lot of undergraduates, the topic that apply for a job is not circled double anthology, if double anthology can cancel, was equivalent to cutting off channel of graduate a to apply for a job.

Large pair of opportunities that choosing also can be other school student

In fact, what hold in Sichuan university is double choose on the meeting, other school student is more than this school student. According to the statistic of this school, attend this double anthology of the meeting have 80 thousand person-time, and 2008 graduate have this school only 1. Many 40 thousand.

Because school name is big, this double choose the amount of unit of choose and employ persons that can attract a lot of, include many renown look forward to among them; Plus enter freely, to other school student especially the undergraduate of college of key of a few blame is very charming. They think this is rare opportunity.
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