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How clever dissolve colleague animosity?
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Whether are you often also handled for what the colleague concerns and big nerve-racking? In endless duty field in human relation, hard to avoid meets a certain number of fellow workers that have hostility to you, face so trivial issue you this how? Might as well the way that tries as follows:

One, communicate in time with boss and colleague

Some people because misunderstanding, jealousy or it is proud, can produce animosity to you, do not cooperate with you on the job, rearward is dispersed your rumor.

Wait for you to know, already travelled probably in the unit. If become,right now the face confrontations, want what the other side gives your view to be not advisability to lift. It is the other side may be denied readily, 2 be face is troubled by deadlocked, affected the work begin. Best method is seasonable communicate with boss and colleague. Choose a right time and situation, talk oneself circumstance and think of a way, let rumor collapse of itself. In the meantime, remind oneself not to use aggressive language, also had better not be aimed at someone, the goal that achieves clear the air went, and the psychology that does not use retaliation, otherwise, the person that can make listen attentively to misunderstands you is in mood of have diarrhoea washing with watercolors, instead short of your purpose.

2, notice him encourage of ego introspection shunt excitation

When hear of somebody cherishs animosity to you, not need be indignant, might as well meditate to already undertaking one time oneself, li of part that whether is put in misgivings is interacting with the colleague in thinking he is working usually. When getting along later, much cent is careful, say less some easy if causing misunderstanding, avoid to send a person with the handle. Such, conduce to you more mature in human association, reliable, less dispute. If someone has animosity, affirmative meeting to debase you on certain problem to you, the purpose makes other people right your ability, talent and outstanding achievement express to suspect. The best proof that you should make makes the career more outstanding namely, is not a time and energy are put on meaningless human dispute.

3, pass " bagman " the animosity that pass on a message will come to end the other side

If possible sentence, might as well with leak information to you or be bilateral what can accept is factitious " bagman " , pass them for you pass on a message, with dissolve or be break down animosity, this can achieve two goals, it is the idea oneself and fact tell each other, have the effect of truth of clear the air, clear the air, communication understanding; 2 it is to let the other side know, already understood the doing of the other side, have caution effect thereby, make the other side somewhat convergent.
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