Graduate take up an occupation of what psychology obstacle
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Important matter doing does not come, bagatelle does not wish to work, have grandiose aims but puny abilities makes graduate encounters obtain employment awkwardness.

Detect according to Chinese economy boom an investigation of the center shows, suffer in 900 of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in the person that visit, 5 adults think college graduate seeks the have grandiose aims but puny abilities when duty. When accepting a reporter to interview, beijing teachs institutional psychology high to seek advice from seminar director Lin Yonghe to say, current, state of mind of this kind of undesirable to apply for a job is very general, the likelihood causes a harm to graduate mental health.

Graduate finds new job 7 becoming a matter is have grandiose aims but puny abilities

"The expression of their have grandiose aims but puny abilities is divided roughly it is 3 kinds, do not look to go up namely bagatelle, do not wish with one one's heart is dry; Often want to do a major issue, but do not have experience again; Never be satisfied where one is, often want to carry or jump to better place. " Lin Yonghe tells a reporter.

A student that is graduated from a school says to the reporter: "How can I go to small company, see what graduate before learn to grow to be mixed so well now, I also should do important matter line of business. " heart morale is high is to be in not only the graduate of to apply for a job, some join the fellow student with early duty, also did not make dependably from basic level, a classmate says he does not want to work everyday, always longing for one day able important matter. And according to investigation data shows, the graduate that enters office newly finds new job, 70% because,be have grandiose aims but puny abilities, cannot work from the beginning case.

Mix flightily vie let psychological unbalance

Blundering state of mind brought about graduate " the key point is high " . "Blundering state of mind, in the final analysis seeks a name namely, beg benefit and both hold concurrently. " Lin Yonghe says, the person that seeks a name now becomes little, and beg benefit and both the person that holds concurrently became much. This kind of graduate pays attention to the instinct that the person lives too namely actually, can bring bigger profit to which go straight towards to oneself, so that they do not set their mind at to work, eating boiler is looked at in the bowl in, prepare to jump to better place at any time. Additional, too strong self-respect also makes graduate never be satisfied where one is. They are looking forward to to be able to surmount others, also can become the key point is high.
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