Interview controversy surpasses a form to introduce link of Shanghai officeholde
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By March, at the beginning of April, the first round interview just pulls down Shanghai official heavy curtain, the interview of MBA, interview of the graduate student's second-round exam, institution come on stage in succession. Interview, this once is for a time " take a form " choose link, nowadays however the addition as interview mark proportion, became the school or orgnaization whether choose arrives real potential is outstanding the talent's key one pace. Be in even a few elementary school, nursery school recruit students when also introduced this one link.

Second-round exam scale and weight rise ceaselessly

In recent years, the second-round exam mark of all sorts of exams, the proportion that holds when choose examinee is higher and higher, some regards the basic doorsill that the talent chooses as written examination only even, go finally leaving a key to see a second-round exam behave, written examination serves as reference only.

The near future, 34 schools of countrywide of own recruit students already announced a graduate student to admit fractional line and second-round exam method in succession. Shanghai has university of traffic of Fudan University, Shanghai and the school such as the university that be the same as aid to use own recruit students, second-round exam job already spread out in succession.

In light of the second-round exam measure that releases from these universities, the scale of interview personnel and cent value are increasing ceaselessly, for instance second-round exam of Fudan University graduate student, each course major presses commonly 1: The scale of 1.5 (individual subject major can inspect circumstance of source of student to make adjust appropriately) second-round exam. The means of the second-round exam, course and weight of second-round exam achievement each major differ somewhat, second-round exam achievement occupies the 30 % of matriculation assembly accomplishment to differ to 50 % commonly. And each course, professional in principle presses Shanghai traffic university 1: The scale of 1.2 determines second-round exam number. Shanghai traffic university installs peaceful economy and the MBA that run an institute to recruit 400 people this year, more than 600 student attends a second-round exam, fall into disuse rate be as high as 1 / 3 the left and right sides, in integrated assess, second-round exam achievement occupies the 50 % of matriculation.
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