In resume " working experience " column, what did you fill?
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Nowadays, to apply for a job, find new job, rising, raises already was fresh topic no longer, a lot of incumbent or the new personality that are about to cross duty field are in take an among them crucial influencing factor seriously: Working experience. So, do you have working experience? How much did you get truly again? We combine experience of old individual profession program, understand a lot of friends to return existence error to the understanding of working experience from which.

   Duty field wide-angle lens:

Invite applications for a job of talent market spot is met, finance affairs of invite applications for a job of some group company is in charge of, apply for a condition: The requirement has be engaged in financial work experience 5 years above perhaps is engaged in coequal position 1 year above...

Some company interior promotes the interview spot that runs a staff, official of be in charge of an examination asks about: Are you versed in what experience gain in doing from before? How look upon such result...

Whether had you also experienced similar scene, "Working experience " column, how are you filled?

Case fluoroscopy:

Mr Wang is very young, also belong to have controversy quite 80 hind generation, be graduated from Hunan division of a business kind universities and colleges, those who learn is market sale major, be the same as for age person, the job of Mr Wang is luckier still. Mr Wang is when exercitation period, assume office at Changsha country store DIY of a computer inside computer city sells a company, channel of class of the city of product of responsible company representative, county is sold, basically develop the market that West Hunan north leads, inside the half an year after graduation enters office, he promotes to a high office from commissioner of a sale sale director, continue to be in charge of market of West Hunan north, but Mr Wang annals is absent this, 7 years of autumn, resolutely leave original work unit, be about to devote into the IT hardware market of Hangzhou, and laid IT hardware sale be in charge of a kind of position. But, be as long as the failure of to apply for a job of 2 months irrigated basin cold water to him indeed, he what baffle by every means had a contact with us below the friend's commendation.
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