What kind of job is good job? Suitable talent is the most crucial
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Hear constantly the friend beside and come alone beautiful advisory client complains " it is really difficult to apply for a job " " I should seek a good job " etc. The idea of such, believe most profession person ever had had. The author thinks this is a kind of cognitive to the job error. Kind of also explained this already became professional person so much general state of mind that is immersed in this kind of error, a kind " apply for a job phenomenon " .

Why can you appear this kind of phenomenon?

On one hand, the to apply for a job on duty field person numerous, appeared the situation of not enough to satify everyone. Before some the situation that the enlarge of year of universities and colleges enrols has all the time add without decrease, field of large quantities of graduate invade duty, however the amplitude of post is done not have so big, the amount of post is growing in the foot according to oneself, present those who give foot to go up to be not sent with the growth of number of to apply for a job. Besides the post that major of an unexpected winner asks high perhaps, usually, beg for always be less than. This is supply and demand it is very difficult that the direct sense that not quits situation gives a person applies for a job namely. And the person of each record of formal schooling and age administrative levels can have such idea. Because, everybody wants to be in of own ability base consider go up to seek an a few more advantageous job as far as possible. Often cause so " do not become high, low not " awkward.

On the other hand, to apply for a job person cognitive to the job error, bring about the vicious circle in the job. To apply for a job person in the majority can be used " good with bad " " happy event do not like " will evaluate the work. In process of to apply for a job, in memory of the person that if search,be less than to apply for a job so called good job, but fall by force of the premise of life pressure again, to apply for a job person often meet step an one pace passively, apply for a job first stability comes down, next wait for one's chance jumps again. A few find new job, turn travel do sth over and over again comes down to just discover not only did not find " good job " , even at the outset ambiguous profession idea also was done not have, lost the way that the profession develops completely. In the meantime, find new job often can make professional competition ability of the individual dispersive, of the professional target that goes against an individual reach. Such more increased to be opposite " good job " longing.

Suitable talent is best.

In the backside of this one phenomenon, a of person of under cover profession tremendous motive -- " seek a good job " . So, what kind of job is just " good job " ? Is engineer of secret of article of teacher, administration, sale, software still officeholder? Has the evaluation worked with bad standard what be? Intensity of environment of pay, position, work, job, still develop a space? The answer affirmation of everybody is not identical. In people look " good job " the first selection that may not is you. For instance, somebody feels pedagogic work is very steady, the treatment of each respect is good also, oneself feel pedagogic job did not challenge a gender after personal practice, seem to do similar work everyday, after can seeing a few years today oneself, the job does not have motivation, be forced to choose afresh. Accordingly, with " good " the word will describe the job honest not proper.
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