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Find new job to know surely: Dong points to resume of to apply for a job of tria

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Want to find new job, have to have next homes first. Apply for a job writing resume is a basic skill.

How does that write a good resume? Professional adviser expresses, to seize opportunity of a to apply for a job, want to show oneself specialty, elegant demeanour, individual character as far as possible, often harangue him account " course " , became resume biography. The person of invite applications for a job of Xi Menzi campus laughs say this kind of resume cries " my before half a lifetime " , such resume will be brushed above all.

Manpower resource director should see huge position file letter everyday, the time that the flower files to go up in every to apply for a job is average it is 30 seconds, do not go out 3 minutes at most. So resume must " thin, dew, fully " .

Alleged " thin " , had better use text form namely it is clear that one page paper explains him explains him.

Alleged " dew " , show oneself individual character namely come, let manager of invite applications for a job have a special impression to you.

Alleged " fully " the associated dot that is oneself and a position searchs, let manager of invite applications for a job be in what you and position discover in the shortest time to match a feature; Leave you the opportunity of farther interview. Had interview opportunity, to apply for a job succeeded half.

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