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Means of 12 kinds of to apply for a job leads pop chart successfully

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Everybody has the experience that he applies for a job, but what actually we know is not much. A lot of people think apply for a job with respect to 3 type thing: Resume, help wanted and service intermediary. Actually, the way that seeks work has 12 kinds, their businesslike will express with per cent:

1. uses Internet to see company website, intermediary website, perhaps stick oneself resume in the website in light of classy person. (1% )

2. picks newspaper at will, the company on telephone directory, send oneself resume. (7% )

3. applies for the professional magazine that publishs inside him travel, the help wanted on news brief report. (7% )

4. is applied for publish in this locality newspaper paper hires advertisement. (5-24% depends on salary requirement)

5. passes private obtain employment intermediary. (5-24% depends on salary requirement)

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