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How to answer " Jin Jiuyin 10 " find new job hot?

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Enter in September, annual ability city " Jin Jiuyin 10 " it is before. To duty field in broad " flea " people for, august is they undertake to stay " hard choice " suffer always. The person that praise much size business management also is grinding knife the scrape, the fastigium that flows for this talent has done all answering to prepare. Investigation shows, face " Jin Jiuyin 10 " , the person that there is close in part in employee of civilian battalion, private enterprise prepares " turn hillock " , and " turn hillock " first selection means is to find new job. "Flea " people " ready to do sth " , HR manager people also headache accordingly, net of China person of outstanding ability has data to show, the HR of more than 85% because " Jin Jiuyin 10 " the administrative worry that come and experiences different level, answer among them " find new job " the job is crucial.

Find new job to be seemed now show social qualified personnel reachs the form of a kind of flow between organism in the enterprise. From the point of whole society, find new job it is reasonable that the phenomenon exists on certain extent and scale and completely necessary. But, as above, the enterprise has so tall proportional employee to have the intention that find new job, appear " find new job hot " , not be a favour to individual, enterprise and society. Especially to the enterprise, face find new job comingly hot, how against a rainy day, answer actively, the loss that finds new job to be brought to the enterprise with decreasing as far as possible is a person that be worth business management, especially the problem that urgent need solves controller of resource of company labor power.

The problem limits reach a reason to analyse:

Apparently look, find new job the individual action that the phenomenon is company employee merely, substantial generation finds new job phenomenal reason is varied however. In social reason respect, it is as system of socialist market economy build, the manpower resource market that commercializes configuration as social manpower resource also flourishs ceaselessly and develop, promoted the flow of countrywide manpower resource and confluence greatly; 2 it is the development as economy, the farther aggravate that the talent competes between industry organization, promoted the talent's flow; 3 be pressure of competition of obtain employment of social qualified personnel increase, bring about more finding new job phenomenon; 4 be outstanding achievement of battalion of already of look forward to is not stable with the professionalism degree of social laborer common not advanced cause also increased to the talent flows and find new job phenomenal happening.

From the enterprise square consideration looks, find new job phenomenal generation, closely related the level that often runs with resource of company labor power and development phase: Business management person whether to have modern power natural resources to manage a concept? Of the orgnaization setting that resource of company labor power manages, personnel specialization whether has been is each general interest that resource of degree, manpower manages fastened and person of action person, choose and employ persons, Yo, mechanism keeping a person built? The enterprise manages in human affairs, groom, the staff such as program of profession of rising, employee develops systematic field whether standard and perfect, produced the effect that takes a person? Additional, whether had the enterprise built the company culture that lets employee be willing to grow together with the enterprise? Reply and had solved these problems, conduce to the talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year that settles an enterprise well and overmuch personnel find new job problem.

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