Xinyu way to develop high-level personnel incentive
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15, the reporter learned from Xinyu city, the city has recently developed a "high-level personnel, Xinyu City, incentives for innovation and entrepreneurship", and strive to use 5 to 10 years, the establishment of a 300 or so high-level creative "think tank" . Measures, the pair took the lead in Xinyu City, high-tech enterprise established high-level personnel, to give 100 to 300 million in venture start-up capital, to give not less than 300 million financial guarantee, to provide not less than 100 square meters of production plants (first three years of free rent) and not less than 100 square meters of housing (10 years of service to obtain ownership). Support for the listed companies are: enterprises in the territory of the motherboard, small plates, and overseas-listed on GEM, respectively, awards 500 million, 300 million, 100 million, 300 million. For the declaration of a successful post-doctoral stations, 20 million grant given to a one-time establishment of the station, each supporting post-doctoral research funding given to 5 million.