Perfect World announced the adjustment of the global recruitment staff to conti
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November 26 message, it is learned, Perfect World announced a partial adjustment of departmental staff, while recruitment in 2011 still continue to expand. It is understood that some departments are gradually perfect for a small range of turnover, the proportion of less than 5%, lower than many international and domestic mainstream business 10%. In this regard, Perfect relevant responsible person said, this is the company to improve efficiency of the normal personnel adjustment. It is understood that the ongoing internationalization of the perfect transition. Enhance the strength of overseas operations, while more extensive overseas projects. It was recalled that since its listing in 2007, Perfect World employees have annual growth of 50% or more, since 2010, the perfect space-time staff increased by more than 2,000 people worldwide. According to End Perfect relevant responsible person said, in China, North America, Europe, Japan and other regions, global talent recruitment program in 2011 will continue to expand. According to recently released financial report Q3 2010, operating income for the Perfect 658.2 million yuan, 594 million yuan the previous quarter, an increase of about 11%. Net profit of 213.7 million yuan, compared with the previous quarter's 196.6 million yuan, an increase of 7.1%.