Resume skill: Language of magical function number
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In numerous resume, anybody wants to describe the working positive result in the past successfully, here has a water content and the distinction that contain Troy, many people write resume to like to use a few luxuriant affix to have a description, the impression that gives a person is gewgaw, be suspicious making a person; Contrary, use path of specific and true essence of life to state, can let a person feel be convinced. To apply for a job person should learn to use digital language, with raising resume contain Troy.

Resume should have substantial content

A manager of foreign enterprise human affairs expresses: "I browse 50 with half hours everyday or more resume, if before 10 seconds fail to discover any achievement to state, so this resume makes the history. " although adviser of major to apply for a job advocates,outstanding achievement is stressed in resume, but delicacy has applicant to value this one proposal truly. Contrary, in their resume, it is the content of the respect such as functionary name, date and duty completely. A few invite applications for a job person estimation, the of 75% resume that they see did not include the gain of an any quantification. Dou Xin of manager of each human affairs admires the applicant that does not abuse ability adjective. Such as " main contribution " , " abound the plan of vigor " and " rise significantly " the description of and so on all is not objective fact, they are the viewpoint of resume author only, how many meeting is hit some of discount. Additional, right " actively " , " active " and " fruitful " wait for exaggerated degree adverb to also compare allergy. Can highlight the success that you gained in the past with honor, number and name. The number has two kinds of functions. It is OK above all those who show an outstanding achievement is distinguished. Express simply together " improved productivity " applicant photograph is compared, one is in " raise factory yield inside 7 months 156% " the person can make your impression more deep undoubtedly. Additional, "In managing 350 technologies to design a person " with " leader engineering group " photograph comparing, before one kind of allegation can prove your ability better. Actually, the number can provide the specific evidence that oppugns hard.

The number is the most convincing

If you are a to apply for a job person, you can be willing to choose below a which in two words resume that joins you:

A: "Implement new human affairs policy, improved the morale of employee. Improved the morale of employee..

B: "Implement new human affairs policy, make rate of absence from duty and personnel regulation were reduced respectively 27% with 24% . Make rate of absence from duty and personnel regulation were reduced respectively 27% with 24% ..

Apparent, the 2nd medium detailed number makes people right working achievement had more deep impression. Although cannot with amount, number or per cent denotive achievement also can produce the result. The following allegation moves likely also potential employer: "Development goes a goods in stock to control a system, avoided to repeat thereby for goods " ; "Through the project innovation reduced product liability risk " ; "Promote the product ahead of schedule to the market " . Still have, " take-overed the area that a problem forms a pile, development goes new client service and market sale skill " , adapt for " take-overed the area that a problem forms a pile, development goes new client to serve form and market sale skill, lead at having the market inside two years from 4.8% rise to 6.5% " . Then, have conviction more state means to give heat.
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