Give to apply for a job graduate people 10 advice
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A lot of college graduate will leave again green green campus runs quickly to the society, begin people on one's own side to give birth to new one page. "Graduated eventually! " a lot of college graduate cheer caper, but I want to remind you not glad too early. Although you left school yard, but the society is an university more, you will are faced with more acid test, can from the society this university graduates and when to graduate, this should see your original story really, not be you take an exam in the school achievement is outstanding entering a party to become student cadre to be in the school is talented person can be in certainly society this university do a job with skill and ease. Arrive from the school society, this needs to get used to a process endlessly, also be the main turning point in one individual life. So, how should have taken this one step? I talk about my a few views according to the working experience that my comes for years and social current situation, be be cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions of graduate of this year's college!

One, want modesty!

Execute as what college enlarge enrols a system, reading an university is to cross difficult path no longer, became however walk along a freeway. And the undergraduate also is an unusually lucky person no longer, without the aureola former days, so you are college graduate true it doesn't matter is OK arrogant! Modest you must remember this one virtue. You learned some of academic knowledge possibly in the university (whats did not acquire some likelihoods, the kongfu of bubble girl is) of high degree of professional proficiency, but did not rise with practice union after all, just be be an armchair strategist, if want you really,go what doing you may be at a loss what to do. Those who say is not bit more Orphean, in some way of worker master worker still may be known than you much. Stepping go to work to make station when you so that momently, must maintain a common heart. Modest study, feel not ashamed to learn from one's subordinates. You are less than social university has a lot of things from book middle school, also your this all one's life also does not learn!

2, want hard-working!

A lot of present undergraduates are daughter young son in the home, know the clothes will stretch one's hand only the meal comes dehisce, do not know the hardships of the life, lack the harden oneself of the life more. And since what you step a society that rises momently, you are about earn one's own living, the wind storm rain in wanting to learn to face the life, and cannot of another flavour depend on parents. "Eat so that suffer from in suffering, the person on honest able person! " must learn in the job hard-working, otherwise is afraid of dirty do not be afraid of tired, want to produce front line deep. Such, your ability gets used to the requirement of working station quickly, in blending in the job, go.
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