[Graph article] how can new personality obtain elder favour
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Recently, the bank that an England woman is in her tells a court, reason is the long-term discrimination because of female colleague, cause its spirit to be injured by huge. Look, how to get along between the colleague in duty field, perplexing white-collar of China and foreign countries. How does duty field new personality enter duty field can feel just like a fish in water? Elder people say so --

10 kinds of new personality most get elder reception

  Rank the 1st sincere letter

Teacher of center of guidance of some college graduate Mr. Han

Come to our school the unit of graduate of invite applications for a job maintains long-term connection with our school. Business side thinks generally, sincere letter is the character that a new personality walks into duty field to be paid attention to most.

For instance a well-known company is in among many 300 resume, selected two students of our school finally. They say the reason of these two students in the photograph is, the data that reflects in resume did not make a holiday, it is the faculty that be practical and realistic depicts him. The performance when interview is very genuine also, one say one, the problem that does not know also won't flaunt his superiority. The person that have a lot of interview keeps his capability give an extravagantly colourful description, result by specific inquiry when, this won't that won't, waste bilateral time simply.

Business side says, the character of sincere letter is more mainer than real skill, because of the professional knowledge that learns in the school not complete after all, also lack on certain level practical, want to pass actual combat operation in the enterprise commonly, ability can be familiar with professional technology truly. Come so, the character with a the mainest people of a new type and quality became the thing that the enterprise pays close attention to most. If new personality nature is honest be as good as one's word, so the following road won't go basically crooked; But if new personality has bit of sly customer originally,make fun of petty trick, guide how correctly likely deviate orbit. We do graduate obtain employment to coach now, two encourages at most words are " sincere letter " , want to know, accomplish these two words occasionally not simple, the likelihood can face temptation and test. But after all, when entering duty field, stand fast these two words are must.

Rank the 2nd communicate

Some institution ancient lady

The new personality disposition that our unit hopes invite applications for a job comes is relatively optimistic, cannot too inanimate. Blend in a group quickly, is not passive waiting to be accepted by others.

My individual likes the sort of newlywed person that is good at communicate and be being communicated very much, just entered new environment, can be close to amicably actively beside colleague, make a speech when should make a speech, express to other cares sincerely when caring in this. Actually, if see the newlywed person with such positive attitudes, other staff also is met all round the propinquity that goes very gladly accepting this kind of kindness, make corresponding feedback. Such both sides each other are familiar with and understand quickly, be helpful for new personality not only, also be helpful for the job beginning.
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