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Want to find a good job, must climate, favourable geographical position, support of the people. But in real case, we often discover, the person with a few very good conditions, cannot an outpost of the tax office smoothly through last from beginning to end however. Get to the bottom of its reason, they always are oversight a few important detail, make route of to apply for a job goes not smoothly all the time, by official of be in charge of an examination " shoot " , " dead " on the interview field that meets in invite applications for a job.

  "Dead " because of one: Highbrow

Narrate a person: Xia Lei, male, 23 years old

Professional: Engineering course

Interview post: Mechanical engineer

Xia Lei attended a lot of invite applications for a job to meet, greatly small add up have more than 10. Can go up in the invite applications for a job that Shanghai holds, official of be in charge of an examination is very satisfactory to him, begin to talk about final compensation then. Xia Lei feels the case that applies for a job this year is so severe, oneself can find pretty good, how to return can argy-bargy? Then he replies: "Be indifferent to, OK! " the cloudy face on horse of official of be in charge of an examination, ask him to go back wait for an announcement, also did not have a message again.

Comment on: Compensation is you measure a level of the level to oneself, also be the redound of satisfactory to your job rate. One connects the person that him compensation is indifferent to, can you still expect does he have drive to the following job and company?

  "Dead " because of 2: Not self-confident

Narrate a person: Wang Jie, female, 24 years old

Professional: Law

Interview post: Enrol business adviser

Can go up in invite applications for a job, my settle on the foreign trade company that trade of a day invests. I dressed up one time afresh designedly will to oneself increase self-confidence. One sees the public figure that seems majesty clustering round the person of boss about sits in assembly room upper part, it is Japanese boss so personally interview. See this manner, my heartbeat rises in spite of oneself quickly. Remember suddenly learn to grow the experience previously, begin to reading aloud secretly in the heart: Want condescending, condescending...

The first problem of official of be in charge of an examination stayed in my choke. "What we enrol is specialized subject record of formal schooling, you are undergraduate course, how you can apply for this post? " I fumble the ground replies: "I feel your company has been held out, also suit my major quite. " " is our company good where be? Here actuating pressure is very great, want to often work overtime at ordinary times, can you suit? Probation has base pay only 800 yuan, other what welfare also is done not have, can be you accepted? " the empty shelves that waiting to whether enter a second-round exam, I grew to breath out slowly longly at a heat. Eventually when " adjudge " always, area of area of official of be in charge of an examination tells me smilingly: "Girl, your condition is pretty good, self-confident place wants after passing again... "
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